Wind Song
the Venture Bros. character
Wind Song
First appearance

Voiced by

Tim Meadows
Aliases "Master of the fighting arts"
Gender Male
Occupation SPHINX agent (retired)
Relatives Stephanie (Wife)
Tyler (Son)

Martial arts specialist
Twin swords on back

Original SPHINX

Office of Secret Intelligence

Wind Song is a one-time-appearing villain in The Venture Bros. show.A retired member of the original SPHINX, he was a martial arts specialist, as revealed by his title as "master of the fighting arts".

History Edit

A former S.P.H.I.N.X. agent who survived the 1987 Pyramid Wars, Wind Song had hid away but seemingly managed to rejoin society and earn what appears to be a fairly well-off, middle-class existence with a wife and son. However, as with all SPHINX operatives, the organization had planted in his head a chip loaded with cyanide that would go off if he ever betrayed the organization. Following SPHINX's dissolution, he knew it would only be a matter of time when the chip wore out and spelled his doom.

After Henchman 21 posted a notification of SPHINX's reformation in a heroic guise on Guildslist, Diamond Backdraft notified his friend and fellow former SPHINX operative Wind Song, whom in turned suggested they contact S.P.H.I.N.X. Commander. Although they could not get the Countess to join them, the three ex-SPHINX operatives schemed a suicide attack to destroy O.S.I., going out in a blaze of glory rather than a whimper.

Although they overpowered 21 and took control of their SPHINX ship, they were ultimately defeated by a combined team of 21, Brock Samson, Shore Leave, and Hank Venture, the latter wearing the power armor suit formerly belonging to the Countsss. Hank managed to defeat Wind Song in this armor, and he was placed into the custody of the O.S.I..


The Season 5 DVD includes a "Fax My Grandson" special feature that includes Wind Song in it.

A reference to "Storm Shadow", a villain from G.I. Joe.