The Venture Bros. character
Vespertina Profile Pic
First appearance

Bot Seeks Bot
Voiced by

Paget Brewster
Gender female
Occupation Villain

Flower-themed costume

Green hair

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Vespertina is a minor recurring background character from the Venture Bros. show. She is first seen in Bot Seeks Bot at Don Hell's, where she makes a pass on Shore Leave but soon becomes repulsed by his campy personality. She is there to see Dr. Venture get rolled on the Wheel of Torture, but the entertainment is interrupted by the Monarch's right of refusal to other villains arching his nemesis.
Vespertina Full Costume

Vespertina is seen among the villains addressed by the Council of 13 in Hostile Makeover, marking her as one of the Guild of Calamitous Intent. In It Happening One Night, she is among the guests at the VenTech Tower party thrown by the Doom Factory.

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