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Venture Industries is the privately owned company of the Venture family. Once world renowned for its innovations in technology and science, it has fallen from grace since Jonas Venture Sr.' passing. The Venture Compound is home base and headquarters of the team. It was seemingly built as a large research and manufacturing campus by Jonas himself with his many scientific inventions' profits, large government contracts and business acumen. It evolved to become an enormous set of buildings, with a large fountain and a giant stone statue of Jonas holding a young Rusty on his shoulder up front, the two shadowing a beautifully-designed white compound. The compound would seem at one time to have had a large workforce, but is now practically empty. It is large enough that Dr. Orpheus and his daughter Triana Orpheus can actually rent out a portion as their own home. Currently, it is being run rather into the ground by Thaddeus Venture, who fulfills mainly government contracts rather than make any major new discoveries. Venture Industries at one point had its corporate business headquarters in New York City. At some point, the building was sold and became '1 Impossible Plaza', headquarters of Impossible Industries. A private compound belonging to Venture Industries, which was gained after the original Team Venture foiled a scheme by Scaramantula's Fraternity of Torment, also exists on Spider Skull Island, and is being run (rather successfully) by Jonas Venture, Jr.

After the death of his father, Thaddeus Venture - then a college student - was put in charge of the company. Presumably the company went into a gradual decline after as there were few new inventions of value. The death of Jonas also probably meant an end to the large manufacturing/engineering contracts with the government. Assets (like the New York headquarters) were sold for cash and all of the employees were eventually let go until only the Ventures were left living in the compound. Sadly, much of the building has fallen into decay. As a result, Dr. Venture has forgotten much and is largely unaware of what it contains. A running gag in the third season was a constant rediscovery of new parts of the compound, from Dr. Venture learning he has a Manufacturing Wing, to discovering two original members of Team Venture, Hector and Swifty, having lived at the compound for around twenty years, to an entire society of orphans living in his basement, worshiping an old video of his father.


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In the opening scene of the pilot episode, Otaku Senzuri reads a newspaper article that states the compound is located in Colorado Springs. This may be because Colorado Springs is home to a number of U.S. military bases, NORAD, Air Force Academy and defense industry contractors. This may also be an homage to the brilliant but eccentric scientist Nikola Tesla, who also had a laboratory near Colorado Springs, and a Tesla museum.

The Venture Industries compound contains the various following rooms and buildings:

  • A large lab where Jonas Jr. and Thaddeus Venture work on their various experiments and inventions.
  • An arachnid research lab, now converted to an apartment, rented by Dr. Orpheus.
  • Jonas' private den, now converted to a guest bedroom.
  • A large hangar for holding the X-1.
  • A 'public room' where Jonas once negotiated with The Guild of Calamitous Intent and would show off various new inventions.
  • A large guard room, with 8" tempered steel walls, where one can hide from danger. When activated, the beds of Dr. Thaddeus Venture and his sons transform into slides, instantly transporting them to this room. Dr. Venture refers to it as "The Panic Room", and has used it on multiple occasions throughout the series. Its current use is a dusty storage room full of Christmas decorations.
  • The E-den. A huge dome full of jungle plants intended to be a closed ecological system to prepare astronauts for extended space station living. It is inhabited by an extremely violent (possibly mutated) gorilla.
  • A vast underground complex intended to be a bomb shelter. It contains an artificial intelligence named M.U.T.H.E.R. and a tramway. It also contains a doomsday bomb (which is a parody of the end of Beneath the Planet of the Apes).

Recent changes to the compounds design have made the main building look like the General Motors Futurama building from the 1964-1965 Worlds Fair

Inventions and products that appear to originate at Venture Industries are:

  • The orbital space station Gargantua-1.
  • The supersonic airplane X-1 and the yacht-like X-2. (The X-2 now owned by Jonas Venture Jr.) As well as the X-X-1 which was built by Jonas Jr.
  • Hover bikes and hover shoes.
  • Subliminal audio-learning aides one uses while asleep, used for both Thaddeus Venture and currently his sons (as well as "Venture-Stein," a re-animated corpse of a new Monarch henchman, who had been killed by Brock in a Venture Compound raid). They can also record brainwaves and memories.
  • A successful way to clone people (so far not public - when asked about it, Dr. Venture has to publicly deny its existence, both to hide the fact that his sons are clones - they traumatize very easily, and to keep himself out of trouble from Congress, as they have banned all cloning research in North America; used only to replace Hank and Dean when they die).
  • Various ray guns, such as the melt-anything 'Ooo-Ray' and a death ray of sorts.
  • The robotic nanny H.E.L.P.eR.
  • The robotic bodyguard G.U.A.R.D.O.
  • A supposedly functioning shrink-ray, purchased by Master Billy Quizboy. Later intentionally broken by Pete White as he was "looking for a treasure map".
  • A machine capable of reproducing the innermost fantasies of anyone who enters. Powered by the heart of an abducted orphan, much to the disgust of Dr. Orpheus, who disposed of the machine shortly after learning this.
  • A replica of a lightsaber, purchased by one of The Monarch's henchmen, Number 21, at a yard sale. Although it looks very realistic, the "weapon" does not inflict any damage.
  • A sound that kills (built by Jonas Jr.)
  • A teleporter (malfunctioning and unfinished, built by Jonas Jr.)
  • A flying saucer style craft that crashed during testing.(The TVC 15)
  • The "Metasonic Locater", a tracking device capable of locating said flying saucer; also has the ability to awaken the dead.
  • A large "walking eye", that actually did nothing but was advanced enough to cause supervillains to want to attack it.
  • A force-field that actually seemed to keep all matter and sound from escaping, but can be washed away with club soda.
  • A silver two-door car, bearing the Venture Industries logo and a running board decal that reads, "Venture Motors". The vehicle itself resembles a late-model Saab 96, as Saab was once revered for its innovations in automotive technology. It is revealed that the boys might have been conceived in the very same vehicle by Dr. Venture and Myra Brandish. The car is still used by Thaddeus and the Venture brothers themselves.
  • Ventronic, a giant battle robot, made from several robots combining, a la Voltron (built by Jonas Jr).




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