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So, I've noticed there is not really any community discussion about this wiki. I recently stumbled upon it and my love for Venture Bros and wanting to catalogue details and facts about it led me here. So, I just had a few questions about things on the wiki. I suppose this is the right place for it? Is there any way to set up a page to list all the pages of this Wiki all in one bulleted type list, a sort of "Site Map" for those stumbling upon the wiki?

I've noticed when you click "All pages" from the main page it just deadends on a search engine. However, there are 200+ pages to this wiki. Some of these pages may need help being edited or may just be dead pages which definitely should be worked on. But I'm having trouble seeing what needs help, what needs relinking, etc. Any ideas?

Ladyofdecember (talk) 00:11, February 21, 2016 (UTC)Ladyofdecember

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