The Venture Bros. character
Vendata OSI profile
First appearance

Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny (shadow)
Bot Seeks Bot (full)
Last appearance

Possibly Bot Seeks Bot
Voiced by

Doc Hammer
Aliases Venturion
Councilman 1
Bicentennial Man
Occupation Super-Villain

Unknown wife (possibly deceased)

The Monarch (possible son)


Guild of Calamitous Intent

Team Venture

Vendata was a villainous cyborg and a senior member of The Guild of Calamitous Intent and was secretly Councilman 1 of the The Council of 13, the leaders of the Guild.


Being a cyborg, Vendata appears to be more machine than man, showing almost no emotions and always being direct and "by the book", even during emotional events such as a funeral and he always speaks in a robotic monotone voice regardless of the situation. Despite having once been human, he appears to have lost interest in "romancing" and socializing with biological beings and now seems to be only interested in robotic beings. He was considered to be a "stick in the mud" or a "killjoy" by his fellow Council members. During his final moments, he made some hints about his past life, such as having a wife and being involved in an airplane accident, however the full details of his past remain unknown.


Vendata's true identity and past before becoming a cyborg are unknown. It is implied that he was in a plane crash along with his wife before being put in the cyborg project for Venture Industries, where he went through an unknown process to become a cyborg known as "Venturion" in 1976. The subject reacted badly to the process and the project was discontinued after Vendata tried to strangle Rusty Venture. He later became a villain and joined The Guild of Calamitous Intent's Council of 13.

In Bright Lights, Dean City, Doc's musical contained the lyrics, "The dreams I've buried with robot fingers, they linger!" When Doc sees Brock in Vendata's armor he shouts, "the metal murder man from my nightmares!"

Season 5Edit

Vendata was first shown when he was attending the funeral of fellow Council member, Clue Clown. Vendata then went on a date to a night club owned by Don Hell with a disguised Ghost Robot, who at the time was


working for the O.S.I.. Vendata was later attacked by Brock Samson who stole his armor after he followed him and the disguised Ghost Robot to the bathroom. A severely damaged Vendata managed to return to the night club's main room, but was shifting between his human memories and robot personality and seemed to be having flashbacks to a plane crash and missing wife. Vendata may have been damaged beyond repair, due to the guild asking Doctor Girlfriend to replace him. It is implied that he may have some ties to Major Tom or another failed project, as well as being The Monarch's father.

Possible DeathEdit

In Bot Seeks Bot, after the O.S.I discovered Vendata's identity, Brock Samson went on an undercover mission which involved setting up Vendata on a date in order to try to get information about the other council members. This mission ended in failure and Brock had to beat Vendata in a bathroom in order to take part of his armor and escape dressed as him. Vendata was last seen with most of his armor and helmet removed, uttering odd sentences involving a wife and a plane crash before finally shutting down.It is currently unknown if this resulted in his permanent death, or simply a deactivation. The post credit scene of this episode, reveals that The Sovereign attempting to recruit Dr. Mrs. The Monarch to the Council of Thirteen and she responded that she would think about it. This has led to speculation that Vendata has probably been damaged beyond repair.

He is currently considered "MIA" by the OSI, as confirmed by Snoopy. As seen All This and Gargantua-2 his photo is still shown in the council of 13. Another possibility that the Guild still has him and are awaiting his return upon being repaired.

In Faking Miracles he was mentioned as a possible council member but as nobody has seen him since Bot Seeks Bot the council decides that they can not wait to see if he reappears.

Character Appearances Edit


Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Due to what he said in Bot Seeks Bot about a plane crash and his wife, it is speculated that he may be The Monarch's father, The Blue Morpho, who supposedly died in a plane crash. OSI records put Vendata's creation in 1976, the same year the Guild's bounty on the Blue Morpho was claimed.
  • He is based in part on the character Robocop.

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