The Venture Family's new Home

Ventech Tower
is a tall building located in New York City. It was previously known as the Col. Lloyd Venture Millinery & Automata Co. Building, and it still bears a plaque with that title at the main entrance.

Formerly the base of operations for Jonas Venture Jr. and his family, the Tower and its contents passed to Dr. Rusty Venture on the occasion of JJ's death.

Ventech Tower employs a Security and Support Staff (including Sergeant Hatred and The Pirate Captain). The Tower features a residential area for Dr. Venture and his family that includes an aircarft landing pad and a rooftop patio with swimming pool. The building also houses Research & Development facilities, a reception area, conference rooms, and a spacious lobby.

VenTech Tower is located across the street from Tophet Tower, the headquarters of the villain Wide Wale. Occupants of the two buildings can easily see each other though binoculars, telescopes, or other observational devices.


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