UN Science Expo

Mentioned and featured in the Venture Bros. pilot episode The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay The U.N. Science Expo is a yearly event held by the United Nations in the Venture Bros.. Its goal is to promote the general betterment of humanity through peaceful science and invention.


Although the official goal of the science expo has been "peace through science", there have been several incidents that have been less than peaceful. A few years before the events of The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay, Pete White debuted an invention called "the Albino Bomb". A year before the events of the pilot episode, Brock Samson came with Dr. Venture and was involved in a violent incident that involved leaving a notable (blood) "stain".

The Terrible Secret of Turtle BayEdit

In this episode, the U.N. Science Expo features a number of useful inventions, such as Professor Impossible's solar-powered car that creates a special ozone emission that repairs the ozone layer and Professor Helmet's Hello Helmet (merely mentioned only). Some others were less notable, such as Billy Whalen's quickly cobbled together diorama of "Where Rain Comes From".

Dr. Venture presented his Ooo Ray, so named for the 0 shape of its energy projection. It showed little use beyond destructive capability, inadvertently melting Venture's city diorama. The UN Science Director expressed his extreme disappointment at Dr. Venture bringing in a weapon of war to a conference on peaceful science, to which Dr. Venture expressed his oblivous surprise. Later. Otaku Sensuri was caught masturbating in front of the Ooo Ray. He dropped a smoke bomb upon discovery and attempted to escape. However, Hank Venture and Dean Venture spotted him behind a plant, and he was apprehended. General Manhowers was more impressed than the UN science director and ordered a hundred of them. Although Venture expressed his surprise and bewilderment about the army's desire for the Ooo Ray, but he was very pleased.

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