The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Venture Libre (In the Venture Bros.); Turu the Terrible (In Jonny Quest[1]
Gender Male
Occupation Revolutionary soldier
Relatives Unnamed scientist creator (deceased)



Deen (prior master, in the Jonny Quest television show[2])

Karl (Friend and comrade)

Scientists, the Venture Family, Sgt. Hatred

Race Bannon and Jonny Quest[2]

Turu was a giant pteranodon that was apart of U.R.G.H and a member of Venturestein's army. (Dr. Venture mistakenly identified him as a pterodactyl, which ironically later helped Venturestein's case of Dr. V. not being a threat like the other scientists as Dr. V. demonstrated a horrible knowledge of science.) First seen as an antagonist in the Jonny Quest telvision show but then later include in the Venture Bros. television show,



Toru was created and tortured in a lab before being freed by Venturestein and would join his army. Apparently, he shared close friendship with fellow soldier Karl as the latter was struck with grief at Turu's death.

Turu first appears in Venture Libre where he attacks the Venture Family plane just as they arrive in Puerto Bahia. The Ventures were forced to get rid of half their plane which allowed Hatred to get a good a shot at Toru (despite Dr. Venture's protests) killing the latter and causing him to collapse in the jungle. Turu's body was found by Karl, Dog-Man Boar-Man who were angered at his passing and held Dr. Venture accountable and wanted Venturestein to kill him but the latter refused causing and foreshadowing future tension among the army. That night, Karl gathered the other abominations in a riot demanding justice for Turu by killing Dr. Venture and Sergeant Hatred for their role in it.

In Jonny QuestEdit

Though appearing in the Venture Bros., Toru was initially an antagonist in the Jonny Quest episode "Toru the Terrible"[1], where he served a human slavemaster named Deen and fought against Jonny Quest, Race Bannon, and the rest of their crew.[2]

References Edit

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