the Venture Bros. character
Turnbuckle Rusty
First appearance

A Party for Tarzan
Last appearance

A Party for Tarzan
Voiced by

Paul F. Tompkins
Gender Male

Supposedly a boxer, but is handily dispatched by the Action Man

Jonas Venture Sr.
Original Team Venture
the Action Man
Turnbuckle is a character in the Venture Bros. that appears only in a flashback told by the Monarch to explain how Equally Matched Aggression Levels came into existence.

Back in the time of the Original Team Venture, Turnbuckle was a clueless newbie villain, whom foolishly thought he could challenge Jonas Venture Sr. and the Original Team Venture. Turnbuckle kidnapped young Rusty Venture and used him to provoke a fight. the Action Man handily beat Turnbuckle to a bloody pulp with his pistol, but Turnbuckle couldn't leave well enough alone. The villain cussed out the Action Mad, provoking the Action Man to shoot him in the head.

It was this mismatch in power levels that motivated the Guild of Calamitous Intent's matching villains to heroes of corresponding power levels.


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