The Venture Bros. character
Teddy Football Player
First appearance

Eeney, Meeney, Miney... Magic! (Joy Can projection)
Voiced by

Doc Hammer
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Student athlete
Nationality American


Tommy is a character important to the background of Brock Samson and appears only posthumously as character in the Venture Bros. television show. He was accidentally killed by Brock Samson in a football game, and the fallout ultimately led Samson to where he is today.


Tommy was a student at State University at the same time Samson, Rusty Venture, Mike Sorayama, and a number of other important characters were students there. Samson and Tommy both played football together, and Samson killed Tommy during a football practice, resulting in Samson getting thrown off of the team. After getting drunk, he went back to the apartment he shared with Rusty to encounter the latter playing D&D with Pete White, Mike Sorayama and Baron Werner Ünderbheit. The morning after, Brock Samson apologized to Rusty for the violence and said he was leaving State University. With his athlete scholarship made void, Samson quit college and entered into the army.[1]

Eeenie, Meenie, Miney... Magic!Edit

Showing signs of lasting guilt during this episode, Brock Samson encounters a projection of Tommy while trapped inside the Joy Can, a device capable of making the wishes of come true (as illusions, at least.) Brock tries to explain to Tommy it was an accident, but Tommy forgives him and tells him it wasn't his fault.

Past TenseEdit

Tommy's story is fully revealed in this episode and establishes a motive for Brock's capture by Sorayama. Tommy briefly appears in a flashback sequence.

References Edit

  1. Episode Past Tense

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