Toaster Face
The Venture Bros. character
Toaster Face
First appearance

A Very Venture Halloween
Voiced by

Doc Hammer
Gender Male

"Pleasure Toast"

Toaster Face is a strange character with but a single brief appearance in the Venture Bros. episode A Very Venture Halloween. He is apparently a entity conjured as part of an act created by the Outrider and Tatyana. While the Outrider attempted to solve a Rubik's Cube, Toaster Face offered the crowd "ultimate pleasure" if they would submit to his "Pleasure Toast", which emerged from the toaster on his face.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Toaster Face resembles a ][Wikipedia:Cenobite (Hellraiser)|cenobyte]] from the Hellraiser movies, specifically [wikipedia:Chatterer|Chatterer]]. The scene calls back to the Hell realm from that same movie series as well.

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