Tiger Shark
The Venture Bros. character
Tiger Shark
First appearance

Every Which Way But Zeus
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed wife
Nationality Canadian

The Peril Partnership

Brock Samson

Tiger Shark is thus far a one-time-appearing character on the Venture Bros. show. He is a villain and a member of the Peril Partnership. He holds a personal grudge against Brock Samson.


Years ago, while Brock Samson was in Toronto, he had an affair with Tiger Shark's wife. When Tiger Shark discovered this, Brock broke both of his knees.

Every Which Way But ZeusEdit

In this episode, the Peril Partnership sent Tiger Shark as a representative to the five guild summit on missing henchpersons and agents. There he met Brock Samson, a person whom he still bore a burning grudge against. Samson forgot who Tiger Shark was until he reminded him, upon which Samson laughed at him. Tiger Shark attacked Samson in rage but was knocked unconscious with a single blow. Later, Tiger Shark participated in discussions of where to find the missing prisoners, but they were ultimately unsuccessful. Luckily, the situation resolved itself as Henchman Zero's own prisoners brought about his defeat.

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