The Venture Bros. character
VB Psychotherapist
First appearance

Powerless in the Face of Death
Last appearance

Voiced by

Paul Boocock
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Psychiatrist, group counselor

Provides group therapy

Uses puppets to represent inner angry native/jewel thief/supervillain/giant robot/

Appearing first in Powerless in the Face of Death and last appearing in Self-Medication, this unnamed character is referred to only as "therapist" in the Powerless in the Face of Death voice credits and as "psychiatrist" in Self-Medication. He leads a number of recovery groups, including one for former henchmen and one for former boy adventurers.


The therapist is first seen leading a support group for former henchmen. In the group, Henchman 21 attempts to cheer up the mourning Herman by telling him to not give up hope that Crime-O-Dile, Herman's former boss, might not be really dead. The therapist says the point of the group isn't to encourage the henching habit but rather to encourage "us to hench for ourselves." 21 misinterprets this as becoming their own supervillains and gets the rest of the group excited despite the therapist's objections.

Therapist With Action Johnny

In Self-Medication, the therapist is seen providing group therapy for former boy adventurers, including Action Johnny and Dr. Venture. He uses a a puppet representing an angry native to get Action Jonny to face his own inner "angry native", that being named "Chemical Dependence." The therapist turns to Dr. Venture, but he is poisoned by a snake and falls dead. After Ro-Boy incinerates the snake that killed him, the group looks around to clues for his demise. Action Jonny raids his prescription pads but when asked, he provides the client files to Dale Hale. Dale recalls the therapist hosted a henchmen recovery group on Thursdays. Dale finds a matchbox, and the therapist was no smoker. Jonny identifies it as coming from Nightin' Ale's. There they run into a member of the henchmen recovery group, one that Johnny says works for Dr. Z. A fight ensues with some thugs in the bar, and the former boy adventurers lose their lead. Going directly to Dr. Z, the former boy adventurers find the doctor was not involved, and Dr. Z convinces them to let it go.

In truth, the snake was delivered by Henchman 21 upon the orders of the Monarch, who desired the therapist's death to prevent any more interference with his arching time.

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