The Wandering Spider
The Venture Bros. character
The Wandering Spider
First appearance

A Party For Tarzan
Voiced by

Hal Lublin
Gender Male
Occupation Super-Villain
Current Alliances

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

The Wandering Spider is a Level 10 antagonist and a member of Wide Wale's Fiends and Family Plan.


The Wandering Spider was in line to arch Dr. Venture after the death of Wes Warhammer. After leaving the bar Ye Old Battleaxe he was tricked by Gary in getting into the Morphomobile to help load a couch into the car. Gary knocked him out with gas and flew him to the Pine Barrens. After removing his harness and dragging him into the forest Gary woke him up and forced the scared Wandering Spider to leave a message on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's phone saying the Blue Morpho is going to execute him.

It is unclear whether or not Gary went through with killing the wandering spider as he was only seen burying the Wandering Spider's mechanical spider legs before leaving. It can be assumed he did since in the next episode he is seen washing massive blood spatters off the Morphomobile.


  • The Wandering Spider takes his name from the Ctenidae family of arachnids, commonly called wandering spiders. Specifically, he is probably influenced by the Brazilian wandering spider, Phoneutria nigriventer, which is famous not only for the strongest venom of all spiders, but for causing priapism (persistent erection)—exactly what happens to Gary when he is accidentally "stung".



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