Venture Family is the family of super scientists and adventurers.

Venture Family Tree

Mr and "Mrs venture

Unnamed Milliner + mrs venture
       Lloyd Venture + mrs. Venture
           Jonas Venture Sr.  +  mrs venture        Mr.Fictel + Mrs. Fictel                                                                            
                              |                                           |
             Jonas Venture JrThaddeus Venture +  UnnamedWoman  +  Nikki Fictel 
                                                  |                 |

                                  Dean Venture ————— Hank Venture  Dermott Fictel


The venture family is unconventional to say the least and has gained notoriety and fame as a family of adventurers or super scientists the world over for better or worse.

Family HistoryEdit

The earliest Venture was an Unnamed Great Grandfather mentioned by Rusty whom claimed he was a milliner. It is believe that the milliner then had a child with an unknown woman who would become Lloyd Venture the Super Scientist and adventurer who would go on to be a member and founder of a society that would become The Guild of Calamitous Intent.

Lloyd would eventually have a child that he would name Jonas whom would grew up and form Team Venture, which was a team of adventures that aided Jonas against evil. Jonas would then have his own son whom he would name Thaddeus Venture nicknamed "Rusty" who accompany him on multiple adventures until he became a teenager, where he began to resent him.

Jonas would eventually die due to an unknown cause and leave Rusty the family company. Rusty would run the company and eventually fathered twin boys named Hank and Dean. Rusty would go on to father a lovechild with a teenager named Nikki Fictel whom she named Dermott. Dermott would not learn of his heritage as a Venture until after spending time with them and learning from Dr. Orpheus, a family friend of the ventures. Upon learning, he reveals his knowledge to the rest of the family who are surprised to learn this.

Years after having his own children, Rusty grew a growth which when removed turned out to be his twin brother who Rusty had devoured while they were in the womb but survived all those four decades. The now freed twin attempted to kill Rusty for trapping him but was defeated by his brother's bodyguard Brock Samson. Despite his brother's actions, Rusty prevented Brock from killing his brother who would take on the name Jonas Venture Jr. and would be given Spider Skull Island to help Venture Industries.

Jonas Jr. also known as JJ would go onto become a great scientist like his father and successfully undo some of the damage his brother had did to the company in just a matter of months. JJ would later die after sacrificing himself to protect his family and guests from the explosion of his space station. At JJ's funeral, in his will he would give his brother his billion dollar company in New York to his brother something that caused Rusty to faint upon learning of this news.

Rusty would move his family to New York where he would proceed to run his late brother's company while his sons start to adjust their new lives as young adults.


  • Myra Brandish was thought to be the Hank and Dean's mother until Rusty revealed that he told her she was their mother so he did not have to pay for daycare. 
  • Fan speculation has often concerned whether the Monarch is the illegitimate son of Jonas Venture Sr. due to his similarity to Rusty. There are also thoughts that Dr. Quymn could be the daughter of Jonas Venture Sr. due to the affair between their parents.