The Venture Bros. Group
The Peril Partnership
First Appearance(s): Fallen Arches (mentioned), Every Which Way But Zeus (first actual appearance)
Purpose: Organized villainy
Current Members: Tiger Shark
Base: Operates out of Canada

The Peril Partnership is a fictional organized villainy labor group from the Venture Bros. It is similar to The Guild of Calamitous Intent and the Fraternity of Torment, its two primary competitors. According to Guild numbers, the Guild outstrips the Partnership and the Fraternity of Torment put together in members.[1] The Peril Partnership is headquartered in Canada.[2]


Little has been revealed about the Peril Partnership int he Venture Bros. show. in Every Which Way But Zeus, Henchman Zero arranged the kidnapping of many henchpeople, scientists, and other similar characters, some of which were from the Peril Partnership. The Partnership sent Tiger Shark as a representative to the five guild summit, but none of the representatives could find out the location of the kidnapped prisoners. Luckily, the situation resolved itself as Zero's own prisoners took him out.[2]

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References Edit

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