The Mighty Khafra

Described by Wind Song as "the man-faced lion that reigns over the heavens"[1], the Mighty Khafra was a giant, mechanical sphinx that served as a vehicle for the villainous organization known as S.P.H.I.N.X. up until the end of the Pyramid Wars in 1987. Decades past, and it again saw use by Hunter Gathers and several other ex-O.S.I operatives in a new incarnation of SPHINX to fight unsanctioned villainy.[2]

Following the readmission of Gathers and co. to the OSI, SPHINX was abandoned by everyone save for Henchman 21, whom was never an OSI agent to begin with.[3] His call for new SPHINX members was answered by operatives from the old team SPHINX. These operatives seized control of SPHINX and the Mighty Khafra from 21 and made a beeline suicide run for the OSI's flying headquarters. However, Brock Samson and Shore Leave intercepted them, and the SPHINX operatives were defeated. Following their capture, the Mighty Khafra was destroyed by missile fire to prevent further trouble.[1]

Trivia and NotesEdit

The Mighty Khafra is apparently named for the pharaoh Khafra and its design taken from the Great Sphinx.


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