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The Grand Inquisitor
First Episode Twenty Years to Midnight
Voiced By Christopher McCulloch

The Grand Inquisitor is an alien visitor who came to Earth from a distant star to pass judgment on the planet.


The Grand Inquisitor first appeared in Twenty Years to Midnight where his space ship appeared on the Venture Compound while the Ventures were watching a recording of Jonas Venture Sr. telling Rusty about his greatest invention which was scattered around the world. The Inquisitor then informed the Venture Family that he was sent to observe and pass judgment on the Earth and he has selected them to be his sample subject. The Inquisitor told the Ventures they were to continue carry out their daily lives and ignore him which became a running gag throughout the episode. The Inquisitor was soon left aboard the X-1 in the park of New York where he found a wandering Rocket Impossible whom he took with him to downtown New York in a taxi cab where the Ventures, Impossible Family and Captain were located at the site with Jonas Venture Sr.'s completed invention. The Inquisitor informed them "The glorious moment of judgment has passed!". By this point, a mysterious alien disguised as Jonas Venture Sr. emerged from the invention and without hesitation shot the Inquisitor through the head killing him instantly. The alien would later state the inquisitor would have destroyed all life on the planet had he not been killed.


The Inquisitor was apparently sent to observe humans living out their normal lives which is hindered due to him being a twelve foot tall helmeted space alien who has speaks with a harsh, booming voice that causes people to notice. Whenever these problems occur he will the people to continue on and pretend by shouting "Ignore me!".


The Inquisitor claims to be able to hear and see all things as demonstrated by him being able to see Rusty dream's at which he told him "THAT WAS A WEIRD ONE!" causing Rusty to note he can read minds with the Inquisitor confirming he can.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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