The Grand Galactic Inquisitor
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Twenty Years to Midnight
Last appearance

Twenty Years to Midnight
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch

Mind reading
Searchlight eye
Screams "IGNORE ME!"

Jonas Venture Sr. Alien

The Grand Galactic Inquisitor originated on an incredibly distant star. His self-described mission on Earth was to observe and pass judgment on mankind. To this end, the Grand Galactic Inquisitor insisted that his own presence not interfere with his observations of the humans "acting naturally", and regularly (and loudly) demanded to be ignored.


The Grand Galactic Inquisitor was 12 feet in height, it had two thumbs on each hand and a rotating set of red, blue, green and yellow eyes which projected beams of indeterminate purpose.


He "spoke" via a speaker in the center of its chest, which operated at an excessively loud volume, making the Inquisitor seem to be shouting whenever it spoke.


It claimed to possess the ability to perceive all things, and even demonstrated the ability to witness dreams as shown when he commented on Thaddeus' dreams saying "That was a weird one!" and confirming Venture's statement of reading his mind. Although obviously annoying, the alien disguised as Jonas Venture revealed that the Inquisitor was far more dangerous than he appeared, and was apparently capable of destroying an entire planet.


In Twenty Years to Midnight, he landed his spacecraft close to the Venture Compound, and granted Doctor Venture the dubious honor of representing all of humanity as a sample subject. After a single day, the Inquisitor suddenly declared that the moment of judgment had come. But, at precisely that moment, a reassembled invention of Jonas Venture's was activated and another mysterious alien (disguised as Jonas Venture Sr.) emerged from it. Without hesitation, it shot the Grand Galactic Inquisitor in the head with a ray-gun, killing it instantly. The alien claimed that the Inquisitor would have destroyed all life on Earth had he not been killed.

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