The Alchemist
First Episode Fallen Arches
Voiced By Dana Snyder
Aliases Al
Alliances The Order of the Triad

The Alchemist (also known as "Al") is a member of The Order of the Triad, along with Dr. Orpheus and Jefferson Twilight.


He first appeared in the episode Fallen Arches where it was hinted that the Order of the Triad had existed before, but was split up for an unkown reason. Before re-joining the Triad the Alchemist was working on finding a cure for AIDS.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Dr. OrpheusEdit

Shore LeaveEdit

Originally, a short term boyfriend in until Al got too possessive and forced Shore Leave to erase his memory. The two later rekindled during Hank and Dean's Home School Prom as they shared a kiss at the end of the episode. In O.S.I. Love You, the two are shown having a video chat implying they have starting dating again.

Episode AppearancesEdit