The Venture Bros. Group
The 5.5
The 5.5
First Appearance(s): A Party For Tarzan
Purpose: Develop a way to take down Blue Morpho II
Current Members: Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

Dr. Z
Phantom Limb
Red Mantle
Watch and Ward

Base: Meteor Majeure

The 5.5 was a group of supervillains assembled by the Council of 13 for the purpose of dealing with the rogue vigilante and villain killer known as the second Blue Morpho. It consisted of five Council members (hence the 5 in the name) plus two nonmembers (Watch and Ward (they count less as non-members of the Council of 13, hence the .5 in the name).

Watch and Ward Kiddie Table

As they were not Council members, Watch and Ward were forced to sit at the kiddie table and seemingly had to raise their hands several times if they wanted attention.

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