First Episode ¡Viva Los Muertos!
Voiced By Christopher McCulloch
Alliances The Groovy Gang (former)
U.R.G.H. (current)

Ted (1943-2000) was a mixed parody of Fred Jones from "Scooby Doo" and famous serial killer Ted Bundy. He was the overbearing leader of the Groovy Gang, mainly manipulating and threatening the other members to follow him. At the end of the episode, he was killed by Brock Samson when he made the mistake of threatening the latter. He was resurrected as a zombie by Dr. Venture and was renamed "Tedstein".


The gang had encounter the Venture brothers before which led to the death of one set of clones who were then thrown in a ravine by the gang. Years later, they would bump into the Ventures again this time at their compound after running out of gas there, which Ted believes to be a sign from God. Ted leads the gang in the building, and, after encountering Dr. Orpheus, they are warned by Sonny about the ghosts of Hank and Dean in the area. Not believing him, Ted continues to explore until they meet the latest clone set of Hank and Dean which causes Ted to believe Sonny's warning. Ted then shoots at the boys and follows the scared boys into the clone bay room. Ted then comes faces to face with an energized Brock Samson, whom he makes the mistake of threatening with his gun. Brock grabs and twists Ted's arm pointing the gun at Ted instead who cowardly begs not to be shot. Brock causes Ted to shoot a nearby Sonny as Brock kills Ted with a powerful headbutt. Dr. Venture then considers adding the dead bodies of Ted and Sonny as part of his new Venturestein project which he needed more bodies for.

Dr. Venture went through with his plans as Ted was recently shown as a zombie now renamed "Tedstein", sent to South America along with other Venturesteins to serve as an expendable soldier in the army. He was freed by the original Venturestein, however, who took him, Sonny and the other zombies to the jungle. The zombies had found that there were mad science camps in the area and they liberated the captive and tormented science experiments who joined their cause with open arms. Tedstein now serves a bodyguard of Venturestein and it is shown that his former dominating demeanor has changed due to his revival as he now possesses a more calm and meek personality. Whether Ted remembers his old life is unknown. Along with that, he seems to have new cranium suggesting that Brock's headbutt may have caved in his head meaning that Dr. Venture may needed to have replace his head just as he did with Venturestein.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 2:

Season 5:

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