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First Episode Operation P.R.O.M.
Profession Sorceress
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Relatives The Outrider (husband)
Triana Orpheus (daughter)
Dr. Orpheus (ex-husband)


Tatyana is the ex-wife of Dr. Orpheus and the mother of Triana Orpheus. She is a sorceress who left Orpheus for another necromancer, the Outrider. Triana is currently living with her studying magic.

Tatyana has yet to have a real speaking role. During Operation P.R.O.M. she was mostly seen either drinking or in the background. She either trusts Triana very well, as she lets her daughter act more independently, or she doesn't seem to really care for her daughter, while the Outrider seems very open to being a parent to Triana and is involved. Though Tatyana did take some photos of her daughter and Dean about to go to prom. As near the end, the Outrider asked her if she remembered Triana going to her boyfriend Raven's house. Tatyana merely shrugged and went back in the house for a drink.

She and the Outrider made an appearance in "A Very Venture Halloween" when Orpheus and all the other wizards and sorcerer the annual Brimstone Assembly meeting. Naturally, being a sorceress Tatyana attended, in a scanty outfit alongside her younger husband the Outrider. Her outfit brought some attention from Jefferson Twilight. When it came time for their turn to perform magic, they were a bit unorthodox. The Outrider and Tatyana perform their "Transfer everyone to Hell" illusion. After facing off against Toaster Face, the Outrider solves the Rubik's Cube and returns the Assembly to Orpheus' quarters.

Their performance upset Orpheus as well as Dragoon; who was still attached to Red Mantle from the Guild. But even Red Mantle himself had to admit it was too disturbing and kinky for his taste. Whether out of awkwardness seeing them together or their performance, as he worried if Triana was exposed to this on a regular basis, Orpheus went out for some air. Unknowingly, the Alchemist decided to get everyone to join together to raise an army of zombies. While Dragoon was against it, they ignored him, and everyone including Tatyana and Outrider were for the idea. Not thinking for others' safety Tatyana and the others rose an undead army of zombies, unknowingly from Potter's field. The very same field Dr. Venture and Brock most likely hid most of the dead bodies of enemies and henchmen. Father Christmas appears at the party and the Assembly realizes that it's the Master in one of his many forms. He quickly complains how he had to destroy the zombies they brought back to life. He chastises them for forgetting the true meaning of Christmas when a baby was born to remind them not to raise armies of the dead. When Orpheus returns inside to give trick r' treaters some hors d'oeuvres and he sees the Master is there. The Master complains about the Assembly misusing their magic to summon zombies, and Orpheus is angry that they summoned zombies when there were children around. The Master tells him that everything is cool, since he already lectured them. And then complimented Orpheus. After the Master leaves, the Alchemist apologizes for not thinking. But Orpheus quickly forgives them, and tells the Assembly that Halloween is a special night: the night that they put on costumes so that they can become themselves and find out who they really are. Even if some of the costumes are bit provocative; meaning Tatyana's. When the camera pans to her, she affectionately hugs the Outrider who returns the gesture, showing they still have a good relationship.

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