Tank Top
The Venture Bros. character
Tank Top
First appearance

O.S.I. Love You
Last appearance

O.S.I. Love You
Voiced by

Gender Male
Occupation Double agent

Wears an armored, tank-like gun turret for a shirt

Office of Secret Intelligence

Molotov Cocktease

Tank Top was an agent of the O.S.I. that was murdered by Molotov Cocktease in her supposed escaped from holding in the OSI headquarters. According to Hunter Gathers, this was a test for Molotov Cocktease to break through OSI defenses and kill off all the traitors within, for which Tank Top was allegedly one of.

Trivia And NotesEdit

Tank Top's name is a play on words for the term tank top and a general parody of the G.I. Joe character naming pattern.

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