Stars and Garters
The Venture Bros. character
Stars & Garters
First appearance

Hostile Makeover
Voiced by

Mark Gagliardi
Real Name

Tosh Tompkins
Gender Male
Occupation Superhero
College Professor
Nationality American
Notable Characteristics

Jock-like attitude/mannerisms

Current Alliances

Crusaders Action League

Stars and Garters (real name: Tosh Tompkins) is a member (and apparently the leader) of the Super-Hero group the Crusaders Action League. He is tall, with blond hair and blue eyes. Stars and Garters wears a costume based on the American flag, and carries a star-shaped shield.

History Edit


Stars & Garters face

Tosh Tompkins is a teacher (subject unknown) at Stuyvesant University in New York City. He is also the super-hero known as Stars & Garters. Stars & Garters first encountered the Venture family when he and some other members of the CAL arrived at VenTech Tower to recruit Dr. Venture into the CAL's protection scheme. Tosh was unaware that the Ventures were already under the protection of the OSI, and he left, embarrassed.

Later, on the campus of Stuyvesant University, Tompkins taunted the Brown Widow (also in his civilian identity) and threw a can of energy drink at him. He laughs when it appears the latter crapped his pants before leaving with an unnamed female

The next night, Stars and Garters was on the sidewalk eating a hot dog (in his costume) when he responded to the sound of gunshots coming from nearby. When Warriana reported that they came from VenTech Tower, Stars & Garters told the team to stand down since the Ventures has refused their protection. Warriana and Fallen Archer responded to the commotion despite Stars & Garters' instructions, so Stars & Garters gave the Crusaders' rallying cry and proceeded to the scene.

Stars and Garters arrived in time to protect Fallen Archer from an enraged Brock Samson. He then fought Samson and J-Bot until Dr. Venture informed the CAL that Brock was his bodyguard. Stars & Garters and the CAL then left without cleaning up.



Tosh Tompkins

Stars and Garters is arrogant in both his civilian and super-hero identities. He is apparently the leader of the Crusaders Action League, but does not seem to command much respect from his teammates (especially Warriana, who called him by his real name while in costume).

Stars and Garters seems to be comfortable with the CAL's mercenary tactics, and he would have been content to let the disruption at VenTech Tower go ignored since Dr. Venture had refused to pay for their services. It is not known if Stars & Garters is aware of the group's connection to the criminal Wide Wale.

Abilities Edit


Fighting Brock Samson.

It has not been established if Stars & Garters has any super-human abilities, or if he is simply extremely well-trained and skilled in combat. He was able to survive a fight against the experienced and trained OSI agent Brock Samson with little-to-no problem.

Equipment and Paraphernalia Edit

  • Shield - Stars & Garters carries a star-shaped shield of unknown composition. He uses it as both an offensive defensive weapon.


  • Star and Garters is based on Marvel Comics character Captain America and Archie Comics character The Shield. His name is derived from the exclamation "Oh my stars and garters!", an expression of surprise and astonishment. His real identity of Tosh Tompkins is based on the Marvel Comics character Flash Thompson, a member of Spider-Man's supporting cast and current superhero.
  • Stars & Garters' real name of "Tosh Tompkins" may be a tribute to comedian Paul F. Tompkins, who joined the cast in Season 6 as the voice of the Blue Morpho.
  • Additionally, the first name "Tosh" may be derived from the comedian Daniel Tosh, who is blond and has a snarky persona.

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