First Episode ¡Viva Los Muertos!
Voiced By Paul Boocock
Alliances The Groovy Gang (former)
U.R.G.H (current)

Sonny was member of the Groovy Gang, is a mixed parody of Shaggy from "Scooby Doo" and David Berkowitz aka "Son of Sam". He first appeared in ¡Viva Los Muertos! where he and his gang encountered the venture family. At the end of the episode, he is killed by Brock Samson. He is later resurrected by Dr. Venture as a zombie, renamed Sonnystein.


Sonny is the paranoid member of the Groovy Gang, he is mainly seen with the gang's dog Groovy who unbeknownst to the others can speak but will only do so with Sonny much to his chagrin. Groovy is depicted with telling Sonny to do terrible things saying that Sonny was chosen by their "Master" which probably means that Sonny is an unwitting servant of the master or given that he is seen taking groovy treats (most likely pills) it is likely he is "fucking lunatic" and merely hallucinates the dog's voice though he firmly states "And this dog fucking talks man!". During one of the group's trips, he and groovy were responsible for at least one Hank and Dean death after encountering while suffering from paranoia. Years later, he would meet the Ventures again and knowing that he killed them before he assumed they were ghosts and warned the others who didn't believe him at first until seeing the boys with their own eyes. The group pursued the boys to kill them again but end up chasing them into the cloning lab where many clone slugs of the boys were being prepared. Sonny and the group then meet Venturestein who while tripping on a now dead clone slug ends up accidentally killing Groovy. The group tries to flee but end up crossing paths with an energized Brock Samson who attacks Ted and when Sonny tries to save Ted he is killed by Brock who after twisting Ted's arm makes him shoot Sonny. While slowly dying, Sonny's last words were "I feel cold man" as Dr. Venture ponders on making him and Ted apart of his latest Venturestein project.

Dr. Venture went through with his plan as Sonny appears again in Venture Libre as a zombie now renamed Sonnystein and was one of the zombies to be shipped off to Central America to serve as expendable troops and to quell a group of protesters by blowing themselves up. Sonnystein was later freed by Venturestein who took him, Ted (also now a zombie) and other zombies into the jungle where they learned that there were mad scientists conducting terrible procedures on their experiments. The zombie's started a march through the jungle killing the scientists and having the experiments join their ranks. The now large army soon set up base in abandoned Meso American Temple and Sonnystein along with Tedstein now serves as a personal bodyguard to Venturestein amongst the rest of the troops. It is shown that Sonny still possesses a little of his paranoia and his penchant for the word "zoinkies" though it is unclear whether or not Sonny remembers his old life.

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