Sally Impossible
The Venture Bros. character
200px-Sally impossible
First appearance

"Ice Station Impossible"
Last appearance

"All This and Gargantua-2"
Voiced by

Mia Barron
Aliases Mrs. Impossible
Occupation Wife, Mother
Relatives Professor Impossible (ex-husband)
Rocket Impossible (son)
Cody (brother)
Ned (cousin)

Invisible Skin

Impossible Industries, Venture Industries

Sally Impossible is the ex- wife of Professor Richard Impossible.


One day, while giving a tour of Impossible Industries to her visiting brother Cody and cousin Ned one of Richard's experiments had gone wrong. As a result, Sally now has the ability to turn her skin invisible, and she has to concentrate really hard to keep it visible. Because of this Richard rarely allowed Sally to go out in public, or even leave her room. Due to this Sally ended up falling for both Dr. Venture and Jonas Venture Jr. And according to Richard she sleeps around with a lot of scientists, causing him to doubt the fact that he is the father of their child, Rocket. In Twenty Years to Midnight Sally left her husband for Jonas Jr. and lives with him on Spider-Skull Island.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Dr. VentureEdit

Sally met Dr. Venture in Ice Station Impossible. She was attracted to him because of his care free attitude. In Twenty Years to Midnight Dr. Venture used this to his advantage to get into Impossible Industries. She later moves on from her attraction of him in favor of starting a relationship with his brother Jonas Venture Jr..

Richard ImpossibleEdit

Richard Impossible was Sally's husband. An experiment of his gone-wrong is responsible for her invisible skin. Because of this he often kept her from going out in public, and in Twenty Years to Midnight it is revealed that he cares more about science then his family, which causes Sally to leave him for Jonas Jr. It's still very obvious that Richard holds a torch for Sally in his heart as he was not very fond of the idea of her moving on and would get upset when Sally's name was mentioned. Despite joining Phantom Limb's Revenge Society, he would become hesitant almost stopped when Sally approached him and tried to get him to stop attacking Gargantua-2. When everyone began to evacuate Gargantua-2, Sally tried urging him to leave with her. Richard eagerly hoped that this meant she'd take him back. However, Sally replied that it wasn't the case as she only wanted to help because she felt their son didn't deserve to lose his father. Though Sally most likely still didn't take Richard back, he was present at her side during J.J.'s funeral. She most likely let him come as emotional support. It could be hinted that he at least let his feelings of J.J. go to show respect for Sally.

Jonas Venture Jr.Edit

Sally fell for Jonas Jr. in the episode Twenty Years to Midnight. She now lived with him, along with her son Rocket and cousin Ned, on Spider-Skull Island. It is never stated, if Sally knew he was dying from his cancer or not. She was very distraught when JJ. sacrificed himself on Gargantua-2 to let everyone escape from its destruction. During his funeral, his lawyer reveals that J.J. left her a generous inheritance and the rights to Spider-Skull Island; showing that Sally was still very close to him.

Episode AppearancesEdit