Rose Whalen
The Venture Bros. character
Rose Whalen

Rose Whalen

Rose Whalen
First appearance

The Devil's Grip
Voiced by

Doc Hammer
Nickname(s) Triple Threat
Occupation Mom
Relatives Master Billy Quizboy (son),
The Action Man (paramour)

Mother, Able fighter, Possibly former dancer

Team Venture,

Rose Whalen is the mother of Master Billy Quizboy, the paramour of the recently widowed The Action Man and a roommate of Colonel Gentleman

Although originally referred to in season 1 episode 6 (Tag Sale You're It) when her son tells Dr. Girlfriend that his mother calls him her "little water baby", we don't get to actually see Rose until season 5. In episode 8 of season 5 (The Devil's Grip) Hank Venture meets Rose while trying to help his godfather and temporary guardian in his lust fueled pursuit of the silver haired beauty. It does not take Hank too long to figure out that Rose is the Quiz Boy's mom thanks to the fact that she sounds almost exactly like her son and bears more than a passing resemblance to Master Billy. While Rose is portrayed as very wholesome, almost to a fault, we soon learn she is very far from naive.

First, Rose explains to Hank and the Action man that she has been out of touch with her son because she suspects that he believes she does not approve of his lifestyle. This is, of course, due to a misunderstanding on her part, believing that her son's roommate, Pete White is his lover, much to the duo's awkward confusion. Eventually, she meets Pete, at which point she goes out of her way to fawn over the man she presumes is her son's lover/boyfriend, as they express awkwardness to the matter. The exact reasons behind Billy's animosity towards his mother are never given.

We next see that there may be more to Rose Whalen than meets the eye during her visit to Gargantua 2. In the season 6 special episode (All This and Gargantua-2) when everyone in the casino is pinned down during The Revenge Society's raid on the space station, Rose shows she is no shrinking violet. While the Action Man and Colonel Gentleman are both eager to keep their heads down until the mayhem is over, Billy's mother will have none of it. She rallies everyone to launch a counterattack on the Revenge Society. Once Rose springs into action it's obvious that this is not her first time playing the part of a bad ass. When her son asks her how she acquired her ninja-like skills, she hesitates just long enough for their chance to escape to arise. Saved by the bell, so to speak, Rose cops out and tell her baby boy that she used to be a dancer. This was obviously not a very convincing explanation, so Venture Bros. fans still probably have a lot left to learn about this sweet, yet enigmatic senior citizen. She probably worked with the original Team Venture, as the Action Man confided in Hank that he'd 'Been trying to drill rose for like, 40 years', suggesting he'd known her since the mid-60's. This is said after a flashback with Colonel Gentleman where Action Man has to fight his 'crush' Triple Threat. This also opens up the possibility that Billy is yet another bastard Venture sibling, along with Malcolm (The Monarch), and Tara Quymn.


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