Rocket Impossible
First Episode Twenty Years to Midnight
Previous Alliances Impossible Industries
Relatives Sally Impossible (mother)
Richard Impossible (father)

Cody (uncle)
Ned (Cousin)

Rocket Impossible is the infant son of Sally Impossible and Professor Impossible.


In Ice Station Impossible, Sally learned that she was pregnant with Rocket after Richard discovered that "Dr. Venture's" urine (really Sally's) stated "he" was pregnant causing Sally to burst into tears. At some point later, Rocket is born to Sally and Richard, who had his doubts about being the father, stating Sally has cheated on him multiple times.

Rocket first appears in Twenty Years to Midnight where he is in the care of Ned at the park with the Venture brothers before they are kidnapped. Rocket wanders around the park before being found by the Inquisitor, who takes Rocket with him to Impossible Industries.

Rocket is reunited with his mother and because of him pulling the ponytail of Jonas Venture Jr. the latter and his mother take a liking to each other and form a relationship.

Rocket currently lives on Spider-Skull Island with his mother, Jonas Venture Jr., Ned and The Pirate Captain.

While not appearing in All This and Gargantua-2, Rocket is mentioned by Sally while the space station was malfunctioning. Sally tells her husband that she won't let their son lose his father because of his poor decision to join the Revenge Society. This caused Richard to immediately abandon the lifestyle of a villain and leave with Sally. It is unknown if Richard playing any role in Rocket's life since then.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Notes Edit

  • While he was mentioned in the episode All This and Gargantua-2, Rocket has mysteriously not appeared in any episodes since Twenty Years to Midnight.
  • He is based of the Marvel comics character Franklin Richards.
  • Unlike his parents, Rocket has not displayed the use of any super powers or genetic mutations and seems to be a normal child.
  • Dean Venture's bedroom in VenTech Tower may have been Rocket's former bedroom, indicating that he might be a science prodigy.

Elisabeth Shue Edit

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