Red Bannon
The Venture Bros. character
Bannon in Action
First appearance

Ice Station - Impossible!
Last appearance

Ice Station - Impossible!
Created by

Doug Wildey
Voiced by

Chris McCulloch
Full name Roger T. Bannon
Occupation Bodyguard, Secret Agent
Children Jessie Bannon

John Bannon (father) Sarah Bannon (mother)

Jade (Ex-wife)
Nationality American

Dr. Zin
Nat King Cobra and his Snakemen

Toru (Deceased)
Cause of Death

Sideswiped by an out of control airplane

Red Bannon was a agent of the O.S.I. and former bodyguard to Action Johnny's father.

O.S.I. and BodyguardEdit

Red worked for the O.S.I. for most of his life and doubled as a bodyguard to Action Johnny, his father and a young Indian boy named Radjni. He spent his time with them on adventures or fighting the evil Dr. Z. At some unknown point Red stopped being their bodyguard and returned to the O.S.I.

Return to the O.S.I. and DeathEdit

He was shown to be one of the more respected members of the agency. Red continued as a field agent for countless years after returning to the agency. Red soon met his end during a fight with Snakemen over the Goliath Serum, which was said to cause whatever ingested the serum to explode within a certain amount of time. Brock Samson was the last person to speak to Red, whom told Brock to tell "Johnny that I love...". Red then died and voided his bowels, about which Brock said they never show in the movies.

Trivia Edit

  • Red was originally called Race Bannon in Ice Station - Impossible! and was intended to simply be the same character from Johnny Quest. He was renamed, however, to Red in Season 3 due to issues involving copyright and parody.


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