Princess Tinyfeet
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Showdown at Cremation Creek Part I
Voiced by

Sue Gilad
Species Human
Gender female
Occupation Grows okra
Possible villain
Relatives Sgt. Hatred (ex-husband)
Nationality American

Bondage fetish

Grows okra

Scorpio (current lover)

King Gorilla (friend, deceased), Private Schwa (former lover)


Princess Tinyfeet is the ex-wife of Sergeant Hatred. Not much is known about her except for some stereotypical native American characteristics (such as the way she dresses, referring to corn as "maize" and owning a tepee.) She also owns a cat, grows Okra and has a bondage fetish.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Sgt. HatredEdit

Sgt. Hatred is Princess Tinyfeet's ex-husband. She leaves him in the episode The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together Part I for an unknown reason, which caused Sgt. Hatred to become suicidal. During the time they where separated Sgt. Hatred took up being the Venture's new bodyguard, while she stayed at the house. During this time she had a lot of flings, including with some of his ex-henchmen. In Operation P.R.O.M. they get back together, only to break-up once again after it is revealed that she was living with another man, Scorpio.

Episode AppearancesEdit


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