In Town Edit

Hello Hill Mall - This is a mall nearby the Venture Compound which Dermott happens to work at a grocery store inside [1]

West Entrance Bus Stop - The bus stop directly across from the mall [2]

Movie Theater - Possibly located at the Hello Hill Mall. Hatred, Dean and Hank go here to watch

State University - The University that Rusty, Brock, The Monarch, Pete White, Billy Whalen and countless others have all attended. Rusty tries to enroll Dean here.

St. Sebastian's Medical Center - The hospital where Billy works for a short time. It is also the closest hospital to the Venture Compound as when Rusty goes into a coma, this is where they bring him.

Unknown Trailer Park - Where Dermott, Nikki and Mrs. Fictel all live. It is implied not to be that far from the Venture Compound.

The Venture Compound - Where The Venture Family lives and operates.

Out Of Town Edit

Unknown motel - Brock sets himself and the Venture Family up in this small hotel when on the run

Grand Canyon - The Monarch alludes that he's parked the cocoon in the middle of the Grand Canyon in order to hide it

References Edit

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  2. The Better Man

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