Pi Wai
The Venture Bros. character
Pi Wai

Pi Wai at St Cloud's side
First appearance

What Color is Your Cleansuit?
Occupation Super-Villain

Possibly mute,
Skilled in parkour

Augustus St. Cloud

Pi Wai is the Asian albino manservant of Augustus St. Cloud. Asian albinos are more collectible than their Caucasian counterparts according to St. Cloud. Pi Wai would later save Pete White and Billy Quizboy from one of Augustus St. Cloud's death traps. The Albino Code supersedes all other loyalties.

Trivia Edit

Pi Wai's name is likely a play off of a "Chinese Pidgin English" pronunciation of Pete White's name.

Appearances Edit

  • What Color is Your Cleansuit?
  • Spanakopita!
  • Maybe No Go

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