The Venture Bros. character
Oni Provoked
Provoked, the oni lashes out at Dr. Thaddeus Venture
First appearance

I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Species Oni
Gender Unrevealed

Disembodied flying head

Visible only to the person it is haunting and to users of magic

Dr. Henry Killinger

Thus far a one-time-appearing character on the Venture Bros. television series, this unnamed oni was an associate of Dr. Henry Killinger's sent to reunite Dr. Venture with Myra Brandish by plaguing the doctor until he followed it back to the abandoned hotel Myra was straying in. Though the ruse ultimately failed, Dr. Killinger assured the oni that its actions ultimately helped save Dean Venture and Hank Venture and that was the important thing.


The oni had little personality to speak of, flying around annoying Dr. Venture until it received what it wanted. However, it was not motivated by to violence unless provoked (such as by Dr. Orpheus' use of the Tempest Tongs or being locked in the trunk of Dr. Venture's car.

The oni seemed to demonstrate some anxiety when reporting to Dr. Killinger about the failure of its mission. However, Dr. Killinger reassured what happened was okay, as mentioned above.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The oni was invisible and silent save for Dr. Venture, the person it stalked, and Dr. Orpheus, an awakened magic user. The oni proved difficult to remove, as it resisted demon extraction by Dr. Orpheus as his Tempest Tongs. Furthermore, the oni demonstrated limited telekinetic control, as it threw Dr. Venture around after it was provoked by said attempted demon extraction. It even demonstrated the ability to hotwire a car from inside the trunk, to which it used to drag Dr. Venture snout on the road.

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