Murder Bear
the Venture Bros. character
Murder Bear
First appearance

Bright Lights, Dean City
Voiced by

Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
Occupation Villain/serial killer (presumably)

Audible only through breathing
Bloody knife
Can enter without notice
Highly frightening

Murder Bear is an entity of unknown nature that auditioned for placement in the Revenge Society (group). Bear's disturbing nature was frightening enough to spook Phantom Limb, Professor Impossible, and Baron Ünderbheit. Dean Venture stated he had no record of Murder Bear nor knew how the Bear gained entry. All of the questions the Revenge Society asked of Murder Bear were only answered by a dreadful heavy breathing sound. Murder Bear is not seen among the Revenge Society's ranks later, perhaps signifying it was too scary to get accepted into the newly formed villainous organization.

Murder Bear later pops up for a cameo in It Happening One Night, appearing in a corner of Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture's new residence in New York City while the Doom Factory is throwing a party there.

Episode Appearances Edit

Cultural References Edit

Murder Bear may have been inspired by an art piece entitled Sleeper by artist Mark Wallinger.

Gallery Edit

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