Mummy Mum Muggy
The Venture Bros. character
Mummy mum muggy profile
First appearance

Escape to the House of Mummies Part II
Voiced by

Gender Male

Cult of Osiris
A minor-one shot character from The Venture Bros. episode, Escape to the House of Mummies Part II, Mummy Mum Muggy was part of the army of mummies supposedly commanded by the Ibis Priest. However, he later provided aid to the Venture Family.

History Edit

Separated from the group and his head from his body, Dean Venture described Mummy Mum Muggy described with fear when the Venture Family found Dean's disembodied head. However, Hank Venture assured described him "good mummy" friendly to the Venture Family, reflecting that Mummy Mug Mummy had provided some assistance prior. After Mummy Mum Muggy lost the top half of his head, he began carrying Dean's disembodied head for the boy.

Magic Staff Edit

According to Dean, Mummy Mum Muggy's staff was magical. However, no scenes to which it might've been used are shown in the episode.

Gallery Edit

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