Mexican University Administrator
The Venture Bros. character
Mexican University Administrator
First appearance

Dia de los Dangerous!
Voiced by

Richard Leibman-Smith
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation University administrator
Nationality Mexican

Striking resemblance to Dr. Venture

Community University of Mexico at Tijuana

Dr. Venture (gave a talk at the school)

Henchman Zero (Kidnapped his subordinate, deceased)

Appearing first in Dia de los Dangerous!, this unnamed character is the administrator of the Community University of Mexico at Tijuana. He bears a striking physical resemblance to Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture, to whom he paid to give a talk.


In his debut episode, the university administrator invited Dr. Venture to speak at the University, but the administrator neglected to mention the talk was on Dia de los Muertos. Consequently, very few people showed up for the talk (beyond the ones whom mistakenly thought it was an English for immigrants class.) In addition, he paid Dr. Venture in pesos, much to Venture's latter's chagrin of what seemed like a more substantial payment. The administrator told the Venture Family a little bit about the holiday, but was shocked that Dean Venture and Hank Venture thought the monarch butterflies associated with the holiday were poisonous.

In a couple of subsequent episodes, the administrator showed up as a background characters. In Now Museum-Now You Don't, he attends the opening of Jonas Venture Jr.'s museum. In Every Which Way But Zeus, he is one of the people at the episode's end to be reunitedd with his subordinate formerly held captive by Henchman Zero.

Episodes Edit

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