Mexican Gangster
The Venture Bros. character
Mexican Gangster
First appearance

Dia de los Dangerous!
Voiced by

Miguel Martinez-Joffre
Gender Male
Occupation Auto-parts dealer
Nationality Mexican

Proficient gambler

Scar across left eye

Mexican Wrestlers (Henchmen)

Brock Samson

In pre-theme music lead-in intro to Dia de los Dangerous!, Brock Samson is seen playing strip poker with a Mexican gangster (as called out in the voiced credits), whom is guarded by some Mexican Wrestlers (as also called out by the voice credits.) The gangster wins the game, but Brock starts a brawl and knocks out or kills most of the wrestlers before the gangster ultimately gives up. He then gives Samson the parts he needs for the Dodge 79 Charger.

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