Meteor Majeure is an orbiting space station that was the previous headquarters of the villain Force Majeure. It later passed into the hands of the Sovereign, then later the Revenge Society and the new Council of 13.

Meteor Majeure features several docking bays, a conference room with a large table, and communication devices throughout (including in the restroom facilities).

Meteor Majeure was the site of the final confrontation between Dr. Henry Killinger and the Investors. While it initially seemed as though the interior of the space station suffered significant damage during the fight, it was eventually revealed that the battle was entirely mental in nature and Meteor Majeure remained undamaged.


  • Meteor Majeure was apparently inspired by Asteroid M, the one-time base of the Marvel comics villain Magneto.
  • According to Phantom Limb, the Venture Boys' Brigade was once held hostage there. Professor Impossible also claims to have been to the station before.
  • Meteor Majeure is also an apparent reference to Force Majeure, an album of electronic music by the German progressive rock group Tangerine Dream.
  • The design of Meteor Majeure is based on the Ilinden memorial in Macedonia, a Brutalist building dedicated to the fighters of 1903 and WWII Macedonian uprisings.
    Macedonian memorial