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Malice is a fictional gated community for supervillains shown in a number of episodes of the Venture Bros. television show. A number of important villain characters reside or have resided here, such as Phantom Limb, The Monarch, and Sgt. Hatred.


Malice Paperboy Robot

Several of the low-level jobs in Malice are performed by robots. For example, robots act both as paperboys[1] and security guards. They are modeled to look and act like humans, but they have gaps in their programming. Sgt. Hatred demonstrated that although a security robot is programmed to answer 700 different questions, a disjointed conversation about chicken fingers can short them out.[2]

Sgt Hatred Shorts A Robot

Malice's location has never been explicitly stated, but in one episode the Hollywood skyline can be seen, creating the implication that Malice lies near Beverly Hills.[2]


Former ResidentsEdit

Episode FeaturedEdit


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