Maestro Wave
The Venture Bros. character
Maestro Wave
First appearance

Red Means Stop
Last appearance

Red Means Stop
Voiced by

Misha Collins
Gender Male
Occupation Super-Villain
Current Alliances

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Maestro Wave was a super-villain from The Guild of Calamitous Intent in line to arch Dr. Venture.


Maestro Wave first appeared in Tanks for Nuthin' as a photograph in Wide Wale's Fiends and Family Plan.

He makes an official appearance in Red Means Stop in which he along with fellow villain The Termite where being held prisoner in the restroom of the Morpho Cave after Henchman 21 kidnapped him and the others. He murdered the other captives and apparently ate their butts in his delirium. He spends most of the episode speaking with Termite and reveals he been held captive for weeks. At the end of the episode, he kills Termite and begins to eat him until Henchman 21, The Monarch and Red Death visit the Morpho Cave restroom. 21 is horrified that the villains killed each other and gives the visiting villain Red Death permission to take care of the crazed Maestro Wave, who is presumably killed as the latter is heard screaming as this happens the Monarch punches 21 in the arm for not telling him of the cave restroom.



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