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The Venture Bros. episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 7
Written by Jackson Publick
Production code 214
Original air date August 20, 2006
Episode Chronology
← Previous
"Victor. Echo. November."
Next →
"Fallen Arches"

The Ventures plan to go to a costume contest but they end up being captured in Underland by Baron Underbheit.

Plot Edit

The Venture family take their plaine to go to an annual costume contest which, according to Dr.Venture was never won by them because Hank always dresses up as Batman even if the rest of the family want to dress up as groups who have nothing to do with Batman, such as the Star Wars team. They fly over Underland where Baron Underbheit captures them, he trows Hank, Dr.Venture and Brock in the prison but keeps Dean "free" because Dean is dressed up as Princess Leia and this makes Baron believe he's a girl, and he wants to force "her" to marry him. Dr.venture, Hank and Brock meet later the Underground, a resistence movement led by Catclops and Girl Hitler, who think that the Ventures have come to rescue them. Dr.Venture tells them he has no idea what they are talking about since they themselves have been captured and both him and Brock consider the Underground resistence idiots so they decide to rescue Dean on their own. After Brock smashes a guardsman's testicles they find out where the wedding is going to happen,Brock and Dr.Venture get captured leaving Hank the only one who can rescue Dean,despite his father and Brock's wishes Hank goes to rescue Dean all alone,but Baron already married Dean.Catclops then shows up and accuses Underbheit for breaking his own law against gay marriage after Hank reveals that Dean is a boy.Underbheit trys to attack Catclops but Brock knocks him down with a fake tooth which contained poison(which he kept so Dr.Venture could kill himself if they wouldn't escape). Underland becomes a democracy led by Girl Hitler who decides to banish Underbheit from Underland.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Dr.Venture,Brock and Dean are dressed up as the Star Wars team.
  • Hank is dressed up as Batman.
  • Baron Underbheit is a parody of Doctor Doom.
  • Underland is a parody of Latveria and Germany.
  • Girl Hitler is a parody of Hitler.
  • Gene Simmons,Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley are metioned by Dr.Venture when he reminded Hank other times they wanted to show up as a group but Hank ruined it
  • Dorothey,The scare Crow and The cowardly lion are also mentioned by Dr.Venture when reminded Hank other times when they wanted to show up as a group but Hank ruined it.

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