The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch

Ability to breathe fire
Code of silence
Highly skilled martial artist
Highly skilled in piloting the X-1

Superhumanly quick in creating origami

The Blue Morpho (Formerly)
Team Venture (Formerly)
OSI (Formerly)

Kano was the former bodyguard of Jonas Venture Sr. and team-member of Team Venture.


Before joining Team Venture, Kano was once the crime fighting partner of The Blue Morpho and the two had saved the lives of Team Venture when they were captured by the villain Scaramantula.

According to the Jonas Venture comic series Kano joined Team Venture when the Blue Morpho was possessed by an alien virus that made him evil. Although Colonel Gentleman brought the validity of the comics into question so it's unclear how true this account is.

Kano became an OSI agent assigned as Jonas Venture Sr.'s bodyguard, but in reality to protect the Orb. He remained throughout the years as Dr. Venture's aide until Venture's unexplained death. Thereafter, Kano retired and taken a vow of silence and can communicate by way of origami and sparse gestures due to having taken "a great man from the world." It is unknown whether Kano was responsible for Dr. Venture's death when Venture was likely trying to unlock the Orb.

When Jonas's son, Rusty, was searching for the Orb, Brock Samson went to Kano for information. Kano gave the second gramophone of Eugen Sandow (as Kano kept it because it also contains Sandow's chocolate recipes) to Brock. When Brock questioned Kano if he killed the elder Venture, Kano remained silent.

Appearances Edit

The New Kano Edit

The moniker of Kano, as he worked for the Blue Morpho, was adopted by Gary Fisher in order to help the new Blue Morpho take down Dr. Venture's slew of new arch-villains.


  • Kano is likely inspired by the Green Hornet's assistant Kato. His silent demeanor, fighting skills and brute strength all correspond with the bodyguard/henchman archetype found in many works of fiction, with particular similarities to the James Bond villain Oddjob.
  • Kano's name originates from volcano based on his ability to breathe fire, as according to the commentary in "Now Museum-Now You Don't".


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