Jonas Venture Sr. Alien
The Venture Bros. character
Jonas Venture Sr. Alien
First appearance

Twenty Years to Midnight
Voiced by

Paul Boocock
Species Unknown, presumably a shapeshifting alien of some kind
Gender Unknown, assumed the form of a male human

Horrible true form
Takes the form it thinks you're most comfortable with

The Grand Galactic Inquisitor
Appearing in the episode of The Venture Bros. Twenty Years to Midnight, this character was a shapeshifting alien of unknown age or background. He appeared at the end of the episode after Team Venture successfully complete the Dimensional Gate that allowed his passage, taking the form of Jonas Venture Sr. not to panic the earthlings. After he stepped through the portal, the alien shot The Grand Galactic Inquisitor through the chest with his energy beam, explaining if the Inquisitor had been allowed to live all life as they knew it would be wipe out.

After Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture half-chided, half-begged his seeming father to say, "Jonas" admitted he was a shapeshifter that had assumed Jonas Venture Sr. form so as to not panic everyone. Following a scolding by Dr. Venture, the alien became angered and revealed its true form, horrifying all present. With a quick rebuke of the "ungrateful little half-monkeys' for their audacity, the alien returned to his own realm.

Gallery Edit

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