"It Happening One Night"
The Venture Bros. episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 6
Directed by Jackson Publick
Written by Jackson Publick
with Doc Hammer
Production code 606
Original air date March 6th, 2016
Episode Chronology
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"Tanks for Nuthin'"
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"A Party For Tarzan"

It Happening One Night is the sixth episode of Season 6 and the overall sixty-eighth episode of the Venture Brothers.


The episode begins with an introduction of The Doom Factory, a loosely-connected collective of 10 super-villain / artistes, who are sycophantic followers of the evil genius Wes Warhammer.

The Ventures receive an artsy threat videotape in a Warholesque box marked "Doom." Dr. Mrs. The Monarch tries to convince The Council of 13 that the Blue Morpho is in fact Dr. Venture, and that he is killing off villains, but they do not believe her.

Hank Venture goes on his date with Sirena Ong, which begins in the park where Pete White "robs" them in disguise. Hank "saves" Sirena by dancing like Michael Jackson in the "Bad" video and she asks for the knife Hank has taken off White. They then find Dean Venture, posing as a bongo-playing beatnik. Deana asks if it's ok step in on bass and Dean naturally accepts. Hank sings to Sirena, but as Hank is playing the song he looks up to see that she has walked away. When he finds her, Sirena is digging out the homing chip her dad put in her arm with the knife from the fake robbery.

Meanwhile, Brock Samson tries to lock down the Venture Industries building because of the impending Doom Factory level 10 arch. Shortly after Brock leaves, Eeenie-Meanie drugs Sergeant Hatred (clearly just out of the hospital) who then passes out. By this time Brock has found the abandoned hover car in the park (by following Hank's homing signal), he runs into Rocco, who has reached the same spot by homing in on Sirena's chip, which is lying on the seat of the car next to the bloody knife. Rocco assumes someone has taken Sirena and violently removed the chip from her arm to keep anyone from tracking her. Because Brock is there, Rocco assumes he had something to do with the abduction and the two brawl until exhaustion.

Back at The Monarch's, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, The Monarch darts his wife with a Blue Morpho dart while she is dressed up like [Mae]. While his wife is tranquilized, The Monarch plays Blue Morpho with Henchman 21 (Kano). They go to the lair of the Doom Factory using the Morpho water scooters.

At the park, Brock and Rocco stop fighting after reaching exhaustion as well as a mutual respect. Rocco suggests they collaborate to find the missing teens, who have gone to a ninja-themed restaurant where the Brown Widow (Jared) works. Through their interactions, Hank realizes that Sirena and Brown Widow used to date. Hank becomes Sullen, which Sirena attributes to jealousy. Hank tells Sirena he is actually concerned she is using Hank to irritate her father. She states that she knows Hank staged a number of episodes that evening to impress her and that she is flattered he would go to such lengths for her.

Brock and Rocco arrive at the restaurant where they see waitstaff dressed as ninjas on a smoke break. Both Rocco and Brock take this to mean ninjas have abducted Hank and Sirena. The two storm the restaurant until they encounter Brown Widow who tells them they are merely in a family friendly themed restaurant. Brown Widow goes to show Brock and Rocco where the two teens are dining, but their table is empty. Brock finds Dean posing as paparazzi in the alleyway and learns that Hank and Sirena fled the area. Brock tracks his tracer on Hank to the ocean where he is swimming with Sirena. Sirena dunks Hank to hide from Brock and Rocco. Underwater, they share a kiss.

Meanwhile, the Doom Factory has taken over the Venture apartment. Dr. Venture walks in to find pseudo-Velvet Underground music playing while Frigid sorts pills on the table. Psychedelic lights are flashing, there are Warholesque silkscreens of Dr. Venture on the wall. When Dr. Venture finally realizes that he is being arched, he runs upstairs to the panic room, where he finds Wes Warhammer and Black Maria filming Trashenstein. They start making a movie of Dr. Venture, who ends up in his underpants, but it turns out to be a distraction while the Doom Factory make off with Dr. Venture's science equipment. However, By the time Dr. Venture realizes this, his home has become a large Happening, full of villains.

Meanwhile, The Monarch and Henchman 21 have infiltrated Warhammer's base and are placing grenades belonging to the Blue Morpho, rigging the base to explode. The Monarch, going for the cool look of an explosion as they jump ship, decides to ignite them immediately. 21 tries to stop him, but his words fall on deaf ears as the Monarch presses the detonator and they quickly flee. Only 21 manages to escape however, as the Monarch's coat gets stuck but luckily the grenades are seemingly duds.

But before 21 can get the Monarch down, the Doom Factory base suddenly separates itself from its pedestal, and it flies off with the Monarch still stuck, as he and 21 call out "Dude!!" to one another.

The scene shifts back to where Hank and Sirena swimming, when they hear Brock and Rocco approaching, causing them to dive underwater. Sirena kisses Hank, at the same time giving him a massive fireball, mouth-to-mouth to help him breathe.

Back at the Venture apartment, the Doom Factory is emptying the place of its science stuff as Dr. Venture protests, They all get on board their base and then fly off, which causes the Monarch's coat to come free, and he falls to the ground in front of Dr. Venture. As he rises as greets Dr. venture, the detonator for the seemingly useless grenades falls out of his picket and triggers, and the Doom Factory base ship explodes killing the villains. The Monarch remarks how cool the explosion looks. Elsewhere, Hank and Sirena are still kissing as the explosion occurs. It is also revealed Brock and Rocco have found them and are taking them back to their respective homes while the two gaze at each other.

The next morning, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch wakes up from the tranquilizers, and her husband pretends to have been drugged by The Blue Morpho as well. The two are soon contacted by Phantom Limb who, after apologizing for not believing the councilwoman, earlier ask what does she think the Guild should do about The Blue Morpho, whom they believe to be Dr. Venture..

Connections to Previous EpisodesEdit


  • It is revealed that Brown Widow and Sirena Ong used to date.
    • Brown Widow is also addressed by Sirena and one of his co-workers as "Jared", indicating that this is his real name.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The title It Happening One Night is derived from the title of the film It Happened One Night, combined with a reference to Andy Warhol's (the inspiration for Wes Warhammer) practice of referring to his art installations as "happenings".
  • The video game that Sergeant Hatred and Rusty are playing is Team Fortress 2, which features certain items and hats referencing the show and others from adult swim shows.
  • The Doom Factory (and their submerged fortress) are inspired by the Legion of Doom, a team of super-villains from the "Superfriends" cartoon show. Additionally, the group of artists that Andy Warhol assembled around him were known as The Factory, and many of their works are referenced in this episode (such as covering a room with silver foil and paint).
  • The members of The Doom Factory are all based on Andy Warhol (combined with Lex Luthor) and his Factory Superstars and hangers-on combined with villains from DC Comics: Frigid (Brigid Berlin/Captain Cold), Serpentine (Ondine), Eenie-Meanie (Edie Sedgwick/Queen Bee), Gerard the Gorilla (Gerard Malanga/Gorilla Grodd), Black Maria (Paul Morrissey/Black Manta), Trashenstein (Joe Dalessandro/Frankenstein/Solomon Grundy), Ultra Violent (Ultra Violet/Star Sapphire), Shehemoth (?/Giganta), Billy Maim (Billy Name), Hard Candy (Candy Darling).
  • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's "farmer's daughter" costume is highly reminiscent of the character Daisy Mae from the long-running newspaper comic strip Li'l Abner.
  • Billy's legless beggar disguise is based on Eddie Murphy's costume from early in the film Trading Places.
  • The outfit that Hank wears on his date is similar to what Michael Jackson wore on the cover of the album "Bad" (and also the music video for the album's title song), prompting Sirena to ask "Is that the 'Bad' outfit?".
  • Hank's speech about what he believes in is taken almost entirely verbatim from the speech that Kevin Costner delivers to Susan Sarandon in the film Bull Durham.