I Suits

The I-Suit[1] is a special type of apparel that covers the entire body. Invented by Professor Impossible and Impossible Industries, the I-Suit alters its size and shape to match the form and motions of its wearer, even an inhumanly stretchy one like Dr. Impossible.

The I-Suit uses dead skin cells to power a built in air conditioning system that keeps the suit and its wearer at a constant 70 degree temperature. The I-Suit is also hypoallergenic and prevents the accumulation of dander and excess body hair. Merely thinking about going to the bathroom is enough to signal to the suit to do the equivalent of unzipping a zipper.

The one weakness of the I-Suit is that it fails to function at (and falls to pieces in) temperatures of 0 degrees or less


  1. Episode Ice Station - Impossible!

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