The Venture Bros. Group
The Hoplites
First Appearance(s): Every Which Way But Zeus
Last Appearance(s): Every Which Way But Zeus
Purpose: Henchpeople
Current Members: None
Base: Gladiatorial arena at unknown location

The Hoplites were a group of henchmen employed by Henchman Zero in the episode Every Which Way But Zeus. They helped Zero kidnap his victims and imprison them at an unknown location. However, they were seemingly killed ot the last man by Shore Leave and Henchman 21 shortly before their master met his fate at the hands of his free prisoners.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Although Zero's Hoplites may be and were in the show mistaken for Roman centurion]s, they are actually based upon the Greek Hoplite as per 21's correct assessment. However, gladiatorial arenas is an ancient Roman practice, which clashes with the Hoplites' theme (and Desmond assuming the name of Zeus rather than Jupiter).


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