Henchman 24
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Dia de los Dangerous!
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Aliases Shadowman 24
Jet Boy
Corky Craptucker (on forged arching license ID card)
Family Doug (Father)
Prior Alliances

The Fluttering Horde
Phantom Limb

"No! I nearly die everyday doing THIS job!"

Henchman 24 was a henchman for The Monarch and close companion with Henchman 21 until his death.


24 is shown to be very cowardly, as he is shown to rather give up entirely without putting much of a fight, when being put into a fight, as well as fearing confrontation most of the time when Brock Samson shows up, saying "Oh crap" every time he sees him.


Sometime after the plant he worked at closed down 24 turned to professional henching for recourse since his only qualification was a GED. 24's ex-girlfriend broke up with him at an unknown point and married his dad. 24 henched for Phantom Limb as Shadowman 24 for a period of time. He first met The Monarch here, who was moonlighting as both the supervillain and Shadowman 9 at the time. At one of Phantom Limb's parties The Monarch convinced 24 to dress up as Shadowman 9 and serve to guests so he might seduce Queen Etheria as The Monarch. 24 agreed so long as he could become Henchman 1 when The Monarch arched full time. When he tried to join The Monarch, Queen Etheria mistook him for Shadowman 9 ("the one with all the staring") and 24 was turned down.

24 later joined up with The Monarch anyway. He was a part of the crew tasked to kidnap the Senator of Colorado but accidentally kidnapped Gary because he looked more senatorial and was holding the US flag. He and Gary eventually became close friends.

Season 1Edit

Henchman 24 was a part of Speedy's reconnaissance crew to keep track of the Ventures in Mexico. He helped kidnap Hank and Dean and incapacitate Brock Samson. After Brock Samson seized Speedy by the neck 24 ordered the other Monarch henchmen to kill Samson in an ultimately futile attempt to save Speedy. He was one of the many henchmen hit by Brock's car when they assaulted the cocoon to rescue the boys.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Henchman 21Edit

21 and 24 have been best friends since the start of the series. They often argued about trivial things, like whether or not Smurfs are mammals. In the episode The Family That Slays, Stays Together Part II 24 dies in an explosion. 21 begins carrying his skull around and talking to it. It is revealed in Pinstripes & Poltergeists that 24 is actually a ghost who haunts 21, and is, at least partially, responsible for turning 21 into the leader of the henchmen. In "Operation P.R.O.M." 21 doubts 24's existence and it is hinted that he may not actually be a ghost, and is afterwards confirmed by Dr. Orpheus, when even he cannot see 24. However there is some evidence that he still could be.

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Operation P.R.O.M.                                                             

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