Hector Molina
The Venture Bros. character
Hector molina modern day
First appearance

Powerless in the Face of Death
Voiced by

Brendon Small
Gender Male
Occupation Mechanic
Nationality Mexican

Venture Industries

Original Team Venture

After Hector Molina saved Jonas Venture Sr. from an Aztec spear trap with an Aztec calendar, Hector Molina became a childhood friend of young Rusty Venture and went on several adventures with him. When he grew up, Hector, along with Swifty, became employees of Jonas Sr in the west manufacturing wing. Hector and Swifty were eventually forgotten until twenty years later when a now grown Rusty discovered them while exploring said manufacturing wing. Despite a flashback of their adventuring days together, Rusty nonetheless seemed not to remember and nonchalantly fired him and Swifty, banishing them from the grounds. Hector was very surprised of how long he'd been down there and [1] Jonas Venture Jr. eventually hired them to work for him.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Orpheus somehow seems to be receiving Hector's junk mail despite the latter having moved out.[2]
  • Hector Molina draws inspiration from Hadji from the Quest T.V. series.


References Edit

  1. Powerless in the Face of Death
  2. Episode ¡Viva los Muertos!

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