OSI Sniper
The Venture Bros. character
Guild Sniper
First appearance

Red Means Stop
Voiced by

James Adomian
Real Name

Species Human
Gender male
Occupation Guild Agent, sniper

Top of skull replaced with transparent dome and wires sticking out of it

The Guild of Calamitous Intent, unnamed OSI Sniper (Best friend, possible future romantic partner)

In the Venture Bros episode Red Means Stop, an unnamed Guild of Calamitous Intent sniper (so-named in the voice credits, hence the name of this article) became quite intimate and fell in love with another unnamed sniper, this one from OSI. Both the OSI and the Guild were cooperating on a stake-out to catch the second Blue Morpho, whom they suspecting was going to target Red Death for termination. At the end of the episode, the Guild sniper asked the OSI sniper how he would recognize her, the OSI sniper revealed herself to be a husky-voiced woman rather than a man. The Guild Sniper revealed he had the top of his skull taken off and replaces with a transparent dome with wires sticking out of it.

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